Build AROS

Building AROS on Debian

This is some short instructions that worked for me on Debian 9 since the guides I found on the internet didn’t really do it for me.

Download AROS source

I had to go with the ABIv1 (choose CORE).

Install needed packages to build

sudo apt-get install bison flex build-essential automake autoconf netpbm python libc6-dev-i386 

I also had to install the following packages

sudo apt-get install libpng-dev libasound2-dev mesa-common-dev libxcursor-dev


Extract the Aros source in folder of your choice (I placed my code in /opt/aros and made myself the owner of the folder using chmod user:user). Get inside that directory and run configure

../AROS-YYYYMMDD-source/configure --target=linux-i386 --enable-debug

The target=linux-i386 is to allow you to run AROS hosted as a Linux procerss. If you intend to make a bootable iso you should probably use pc-i386.


When configure is finished and satisfied you should run makeand wait. In my case make failed because some packages returned a 500 ERROR when fetched. I googled this packages myself, downloaded them and placed them in (aros-source)/bin/Sources folder.


I had some troubles running, the Xlibs gave me errors about not being initialised. I soon realised it was because I didn’t have the i386 versions installed. I fixed this by enabling i386 architecture and installing.

dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt update
apt-get install libxcursor1:i386 libxxf86vm1:i386

I could then cd into /bin/linux-i386/AROS/Arch/linux and start AROS with

./AROSBootstrap -m 512

Where the -m parameter assigns size of memory to use.

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